One of the earlier themes I thought of for encore was “three-quarter time” or the “last quarter” of your working life.

Three-quarter time is a critical moment in a sporting sense when you must prepare well to ensure the last quarter is even more successful than the previous quarters – especially now you are the prime beneficiary of the effort.

My thoughts were around the work we do in encore adding “time on” to your last quarter, extending your active life and activities.

You paid a high price as a CEO, sometimes putting off the important for the urgent. Now you have the luxury of being able to reconnect and re-establish relationships and interests, taking time for yourself. Ironically for many as a working CEO taking time for yourself brought on a sense of guilt. After all this time often that it still exists, lingering away disrupting the flow of thoughts and actions.

I have had this discussion with many CEOs when still in the role, trying to get them to reduce their working hours and take some time away from the day to day operations. Getting them away from the office to clear their mind to enable them to focus on the one most important job for the CEO – creating the future. Now it’s creating your personal future with little else to distract you.

Your peers can help you unblock this obstacle!  Giving you permission to discuss the feelings and sharing tactics to overcome the blockage, as they have probably gone through it too. If during your CEO role(s) you were a member of a peer group you will know the power they provide.

Your fellow members have gone where you have gone, suffered the same sense of ‘isolation’ at times, had to make the tough decisions. Sharing the load is extremely valuable to a working CEO. That value doesn’t have to stop now you are no longer fully engaged in working.

Your life continues and although thankfully at a slower pace, we are still faced with issues, decisions, and challenges, albeit often quite different to anything we have had to face before.  Having the practical and emotional support of a trusted and respected peer group can support, nurture and inspire you just as much as your previous CEO peer group.

In our time together in encore on this path, you will gain so much “time on” because of our broadening, stimulating and fun activities and discussions, so your fourth quarter will be a celebration of a meaningful life.

Please feel free to share your own story, experiences, and thoughts and start the encore process of sharing and contributing.