You had a successful career as a CEO – as a Director, Managing Director, Partner, General Manager or the Owner – and passed the role onto another. You took a back seat in the business as Chairman or Director and now perhaps you have even moved away from that role.

Your daily involvement in business has diminished to perhaps a few hours a month with little involvement in your previous industry. Some struggle with this change. When you were running the organisation you had a purpose, meaning, and an identity.

Perhaps during your time as a CEO, you were a member of a peer group, so you know the value of such groups regarding learning, being inspired, supported and at times challenged.

You will be missing the cut and thrust and banter with respected and trusted peers – people who have been where you have been and are now in a similar situation to yourself.

encore is just such a group of people. They have been a success, have moved through succession and are now looking for a new meaning in their life. They look forward to the meetings not only to catch up with each other but to openly share their issues and experiences in total confidentiality which underpins all that we do and discuss in encore. The groups meet for half a day six times a year.

It’s never too late to be what you might have been.

George Eliot