You probably remember from your CEO days reading or hearing about Bruce Tuckman who back in the 60’s came up with a concept for team development. With apologies to Bruce and a considerable dose of “poetic licence,” I thought of using his structure to sketch the possible stages of your working life and the basis for encore.

We probably all went through these various stages at different times in our lives so put your “year range” on each stage.


You were born, went to School and then on to University or for many the University of hard knocks.  This journey led to the process of finding your path (industry, discipline) and getting your first job and first leadership role.


Charging your way up the “corporate” ladder, refining your path, gaining the promotions you seek. Establishing yourself and achieving a CEO/Leadership role in your chosen industry/corporation/organisation. For those in a family business, you were endeavouring to convince the founder you were capable and the one to lead going into the future.


You’ve made it! CEO of the organisation you have (always?) wanted. You developed your successor, and they are successfully in place. Now you are the Executive Chairman/Chairman/departing Director. You have been invited onto other Boards and eventually retired from them. You accept your golf handicap (and all you other handicaps) are not going to get any better. You are reasonably content.


This is the time you can finally sit back and enjoy watching others performing for your benefit. Or it could be the time you get to do some of the other things you have always wanted to but never had the time.  Like doing something for others just for the sheer joy of giving your time, connections and experience.

It might be the time you perform in a totally different way to your past, perhaps stretching your comfort zone?

Whatever the case you are at least still open to learning, trying new ideas and things (even if only in your mind and discussion) and having some fun in the process.


Tuckman later added this fifth segment. I’ll leave it to you to define this stage but know with our time together in encore this path to Adjourning will be a far more enjoyable journey. You will have gained so much because of our broadening, stimulating and fun activities and discussions, you will celebrate a meaningful life.

Please feel free to share your own story, experiences, and thoughts and start the encore process of sharing and contributing.