Who can join an Encore group?

Men and women who have been a CEO, Managing Director, General Manager or senior executive who are no longer fully employed or engaged in business on a day to day basis.

Groups have up to 12 members with no clashes nor conflicts that might impinge on the intimacy and confidentiality of discussions.

How do I join?

Phone Harvey Martin on 0408 314 340 or go to our Contact Page.

When and where do the groups meet?

Each group meets six times a year. The meeting dates for the year are usually in the months of February, April, June, August, October, and December.

The group meetings are held at the same venue with suitable private meeting room facilities.

What happens at the meetings?

The meetings start at 8.30am and run through until 12.30pm followed by lunch or dinner if an afternoon meeting.

The Agenda for the meeting is decided by the group and incorporated into the program by the group facilitator. Occasional speakers presenting on topics identified by the members or the facilitator will be a minor part of the program. The meetings are mainly based on topics of importance to the members.

What does it cost to be a member of a group?

Membership Fees per member are $2,500 (+ GST) payable every six months. All regular venue expenses, catering and meal expenses are included in the fees.

How long do members stay in the group?

Upon joining there is a requirement of 6 months commitment to the group.

Can encore help me with the CEO transition in a family business?

encore does not deal with the technical, financial or legal aspects of a CEO in transition nor does encore provide any advice. encore recommends people to seek such advice and specific guidance from sources such as:

However encore does deal with the members’ emotional and personal aspects associated with transitions via the group experiences being shared and suggestions from the members.