Harvey Martin is the founder of encore, an idea that had been in his mind for quite a few years.. After successful CEO roles, Harvey moved into some consulting and Board positions while establishing himself as an insightful and creative coach and mentor to CEOs.

For the last 10 years, Harvey has focused almost solely on mentoring and coaching established and ‘new to the role’ CEOs, many of whom are the successors to their founder parent. Harvey has also mentored and coached ‘corporate’ or employed professional CEOs and while having some different circumstances they share the usual personal aspects of leading.

During this time Harvey also Chaired some groups of CEOs and senior executives ensuring the maximum possible value was derived by all members from these unique and dynamic peer groups. Facilitating such inspiring and enthusiastic people has developed in Harvey some real skills in achieving a wonderfully open, honest and intimate connection between members to enhance their personal development and career performance.

See Harvey’s full Linkedin profile for a history of experience and qualifications.